Hamilton: “There is another great driver who drives my car and he doesn’t finish like me”

Lewis Hamilton was proclaimed F1 world champion last weekend, for the seventh time in his career, the sixth with Mercedes. The dominance of the German team on the grid is overwhelming, they are the best car for a few years now, which has made some underestimate the new title of the British driver, with which he has equaled a legend like Michael Schumacher.

These comments were not liked at all by a Hamilton, who wanted to respond to all who have detracted from his skills by having the best car. “I would like there to be more complicated races like the one in Turkey, in conditions like these, the more occasions there are of this kind, the more times I will be able to show what I am capable of. I deserve the respect, it was a very hard Sunday where you don’t depend on the car. There is another great driver who drives my car and obviously he doesn’t end up like me. I hear interesting comments from great drivers, especially from the past. Of course you need a great team and a great car, nobody has won the World Cup any other way »

«I drove a fifth hand car with a shitty engine when I raced go-karts. In my first championship, the guy who won had some very good engines that Jenson Button’s father made. I remember when the boy was upgraded, my father had to remortgage the house to buy one of those £ 2,500. When they put him in my car, he was in front the whole time. Of course you need good material, but what you do with it also counts and I hope that could be seen in Turkey, “he added.

Hamilton got the championship with a win very difficult in Turkey, in extreme conditions and going up. It was not an easy day, but it showed why he has won the F1 World Cup seven times, he brought out all his skills to sentence the title in a big way.