Hamilton, the ‘super spy’ of F1

Lewis hamilton is obsessed with improving, and within the Formula 1 he does not miss one. Keeping an eye on rivals is part of the routine of the big circus, to such an extent that teams hire spy photographers to get detailed shots of rival cars. Analyzing what the competition is doing can help teams to improve or see what works for their rivals, and for this reason rules have been created that limit some techniques and tricks to achieve an exhaustive analysis such as 3D cameras or some complex software for copy rivals’ designs.

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Teams do their best to keep their designs and modifications a secret to the maximum, but they don’t count on what a great observer a driver like Hamilton is. A former engineer from Mercedes, Philipp brandle, discovered some of the comments Hamilton makes to the team when he realizes small details that make a difference. Brandle worked on the seven-time world champion’s car until the end of 2019 and ensured that “Lewis is a super spy, he looks at everything very closely.”

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And it is that among many anecdotes, Branle wanted to highlight one in particular that shows how analytical Hamilton is with respect to his rivals: “I remember something about once before going on the podium, in the room where the drivers were cooling off. Hamilton realized that another driver’s suit had fewer cables, and he reminded us that that would save us weight, because every detail really counts in Formula 1. “. assured the engineer. “So he gave us feedback that the other team had a shorter wiring harness and a smaller plug. Lewis looks at details like that because everything, even how a single gram can be saved, is important.Brandle concluded.

For this reason, you can see the mechanics on many occasions standing in front of the cars to cover them so that the rivals cannot see anything, but there are places like the closed park where that is impossible because the cars are kept in an open space that invites prying eyes. Other pilots like Sebastian Vettel and Nico Hulkenberg they are also great observers “you look at how they relate everything in the car and then you pass it on to your engineers and hope they can make your car go faster,” said Hulkenberg.