He shares that he died yesterday of a possible heart attack and that they could not revive her

The bulldog was six years old and accompanied the champion to some World Cup dates

Lewis Hamilton has announced on his social networks the death of his dog Coco, one of the bulldogs that accompanied the hexacampion on circuits around the world.

Coco and Roscoe, Lewis Hamilton’s dogs, are part of the image that the hexacampaón has built in recent years. It was common to see the Mercedes driver arrive at the circuits with these two pets, who have personal social networks and that Lewis has been in charge of turning into real ‘celebrities’.

Coco, the couple’s female, came into Hamilton’s hands through an adoption. The bulldog was sick and her previous owner couldn’t pay the cost of everything she needed to survive, so Lewis adopted her to give her a good life.

“Last night, around nine at night, my little Coco died at home with her family by her side. Her little heart gave way, we think it was a heart attack. I tried to revive her, but it was useless. She had the best day. I haven’t seen her so happy in a long time, “Hamilton shared on his social networks.

“She was such a special dog, she was born with so many problems and I feel very lucky to have adopted her. Her breeder said that she was going to have to leave her, since she couldn’t pay all she needed to survive. Coco went through many things before being the live and lazy dog ​​he was, “he added.

“On their last day, we shared a special moment playing together that I will never forget. I will miss their snoring and how happy they always were to see me. I was only six years old, I was healthy and happy. As usual, my heart is broken, but I hope May I be in a better place with my Aunt Diane. I wanted to share it with you and thank those who loved and cared for her, “said Hamilton to finish.

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