Hamilton, his conditions to extend

British driver Lewis Hamilton, who recently won another world title, talks about his future as negotiations for an extension of his contract with Mercedes approach.

It is probably only a matter of days or weeks. Lewis Hamilton will most likely extend his contract with Mercedes, where he arrived in 2013. World champion for the seventh time (Michael Schumacher’s record equaled) last Sunday in Turkey, the 35-year-old Briton made it clear again in a interview this Thursday: ” I believe Mercedes and I have the same values ​​and I think we still have a lot to do together. I hope that after the three races that are left, we will take the time to sit down and talk about our projects in order to maximize the projects that we are doing together, especially to make a difference. And I think we can still win together. “The German team is in any case several steps ahead of the competition, as evidenced by its 264 points ahead of Red Bull in the constructors’ standings.

Hamilton wants to be less at the factory and more with his loved ones

Still, the seven-time world champion told the BBC about his demands for next season. Like some employees in this pandemic period, the pilot wants… more teleworking. “This year we have shown that, for example, you can work from home. So I’m sure the contract will provide that there will be a lot of meetings via Zoom rather than days of actual presence at the factory., which means that I will have to fly less. (…) Time spent with friends and family is the most important. If we start to travel more (I want to) take my family somewhere and make memories with them and celebrate with them just being there, and having them near me, ”the Briton said, as the schedule of the 2021 season foresees a return to “normalcy” as much as possible, with 23 races around the world.

Hamilton wants to make a difference

In another area, Lewis Hamilton, who recently created the Commission for Diversity in Motorsport, also reminded not to relax. “There is a lot of pedagogy to be done. We have to break down that barrier and show these people that they can be part of the change. It’s not a bad thing to be part of the change. It is even very important. We must therefore empower them, have these conversations, have a dialogue. I think we have made considerable progress. Chase Carey (the boss of F1, editor’s note) contributed financially to this movement. We have also seen the International Automobile Federation do more. So I think the future looks bright. But we have to stand on the backs of these people. We all need to stay determined and committed to make sure things really change. Lewis Hamilton is more than ever a champion on and off the track!

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