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Drafting sports, Jun 21 . .- The British Lewis Hamilton announced the creation of a commission, in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Engineering, to promote racial diversity in the motoring environment.
As reported by the specialized website Motorsport, Hamilton will launch a new association aimed at improving diversity in motorsports and allowing « real, tangible and measurable change » based on his own experience as a victim of racism.
« The kids were throwing things at me while I was karting. I was also teased by some fans at a 2007 grand prize. This has made me get used to the idea that no one will speak louder than me when I face racism, because no one feels or understands my personal experience, « he said in The Sunday Times.
The six-time Formula One world champion unveiled the creation of « The Hamilton Commission, » which will be « dedicated to exploring how motorsports can be used as a vehicle to engage more black youth in subjects such as Science, Technology. , Engineering and Mathematics « so they can find a job in teams or in other sectors.
« This commission will explore areas including the lack of role models and professional services in schools, with opportunities to engage more young blacks with extracurricular activities related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, to overcome barriers that prevent people from the most diverse backgrounds from joining the career industry, but also about the problematic hiring practices that result in fewer black graduates entering the engineering professions, « he said.
Hamilton also set out to « listen to the youth and graduates who face these challenges every day. »
« We are in the process of attracting additional partners working in the field of black communities to get a first-hand perspective. In addition, we want to attract political leaders and businessmen who are committed to leading the activation of the recommendations made in the study. The time for platitudes and symbolic gestures is over. I hope the Hamilton Commission allows for real, tangible and measurable change. When I look back in 20 years, I want to see the sport that gave so many opportunities to a shy black child and Stevenage’s working class, he became as diverse as the complex and multicultural world we live in, « he wished. .
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