The Brit reveals that he has been working in the music industry for ten years

He confirms that he collaborated with Christina Aguilera on the song ‘Pipe’, which came out in 2018

Lewis Hamilton has decided to leave anonymity and confirm that he has been working in the music industry for ten years under the pseudonym XNDA. The Brit confirms the rumors that have existed since 2018, when he collaborated with Christina Aguilera and together they released the song ‘Pipe’.

The passion of the hexacampeón for music is well known. Recording studios are a place he’s been comfortable with for years and brings out his creative side, which has also exploited in industries like fashion.

In 2013 we saw him for the first time on guitar singing two verses and the chorus of ‘Say Goodbye’ by the North American artist of Rythm & Blues Ana Lou, but we thought it was something exceptional. However, Lewis has worked for the last ten years in the world of music in anonymity, until today he has revealed the pseudonym he uses.

“Guys, I have spent the last ten years or more writing and recording, working with some of the most beautiful and talented people, for which I am very grateful. It has been my most incredible escape route. Finding something you love so much and what you do only for yourself, for your spirit I think it is an important process, “he revealed today on Instagram.

“I have come to the moment where I would love to share it with you. I don’t have a project or an album, just a handful of different songs that maybe some of you can connect with,” he added.

Here you can listen to Hamilton’s collaboration with Christina Aguilera:

And then, a fun interview with Daniel Ricciardo in which he gives his opinion about his rival’s song on the track:

In development.

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