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One of the characteristics that made Halo a legendary saga was the possibility of enjoying your campaign with our friends on the same console, something that changed with Halo 5: Guardians. Luckily 343 Industries listened to the feedback and kept its promise to its fans. This is why Halo Infinite will debut with a 2 player cooperative campaign.

Jerry Hook, chief designer at 343 Industries, confirmed that Halo Infinite will have a cooperative campaign. That said, he clarified that the local option will only be available for 2 players. That is to say that you can only with another friend on the same console.

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But, what about those who want to take advantage of the possibilities that online offers through Xbox LIVE? They will have the opportunity to enjoy the Halo Infinite campaign in its cooperative mode for 4 players.

« I saw some reports that the campaign would have 4-player support on split screen and I want to clarify. Halo Infinite will have split screen support for 2 players and 4 players in online co-op. An apology for the confusion, ”were Hook’s words.

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It should be mentioned that, at the moment, 343 Industries has not given more details about the Halo Infinite cooperative. So, we will have to wait to know how it will work and if it will have cross-play between Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

Halo Infinite campaign will be extensive

No doubt this news will please several Halo fans, especially when you consider that the world and the Halo Infinite campaign promise to be extensive.

We remind you that a few days ago Chris Lee, developer of 343 Industries pointed out that his campaign is bigger than Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians together. So it is shaping up to be a huge game with a lot to do.

« [La campaña de Halo Infinite] it is much bigger than the last 2 campaigns put together, ”said Lee.

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And what did you think of this news? Will you be playing Halo Infinite cooperatively with a friend? Tell us in the comments.

Halo Infinite will arrive in late 2020 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. You can learn more about the next-gen console shooter by clicking here.