Halo Infinite promises high-level news in the coming weeks, but it won’t be at the Game Awards

From 343 Industries they confirm that they will restart the trip with us after Christmas.

Halo Infinite

We will see news of Halo Infinite very soon. They say since 343 Industries, the studio responsible for carrying out the most anticipated Xbox project, which was precisely going to have been the star launch game with the arrival of Xbox Series X, but was delayed until 2021 to improve the experience and live up to the adventures led by the Master Chief.

Precisely, since the announcement of the delay in its launch we have not heard anything about Halo Infinite. To calm the fans’ cravings a bit, Brian Jarrard, Community Director of 343 Industries, has participated in a Reddit thread to promise that there will be a new project update soon. Although, yes, It will not be at The Game Awards gala, where the game will not be present.

From 343 they indicate that being in The Game Awards would make them invest time and resources that are far from their plansJarrard himself indicates that they have nothing planned for TGA, but that “they hope offer a high-level update in the coming weeks to be able to restart this journey together after Christmas. “Regarding his absence from the most important gala in the world of videogames, he affirms that” it would involve a lot of work that would cause challenges with current milestones“The studio’s community director is excited about the new Halo Infinite details that may arrive in the coming weeks.

The study will want to have everything well tied so that the same thing does not happen as in the Xbox Showcase last summer, when they received criticism for the state of the game. Something that has been taken with humor from Microsoft, even creating shirts with Craig the Brute. Own Phil Spencer He recently claimed that it was a mistake to teach the game to delay it to two weeks. Even so, it is still the next Xbox Series release that raises the most buzz.

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