Halloween Kills: Jamie Lee Curtis assures that this film will be much more bloody, brutal and intense

As far as horror movies are concerned, Halloween – 94% by John Carpenter, released in 1978, has earned an important place by becoming a classic not only visually, but also in musical composition; not for nothing is it so easy to recognize the film just by hearing the first notes of the soundtrack that elevates the audience to visualize the iconic Michael Myers, without forgetting that it would be one of the catapults in Jamie Lee Curtis’ career.

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To tell the truth, the story of this serial killer would grow significantly, but his path would not be entirely perfect. As has happened with other films that have managed to work and set a tone, when producers decide to extend the films to obtain a secure collection, they often make big mistakes that mean a stumbling block for the saga. The sequels that emerged between the 80s and 90s were not as successful.

When Rob Zombie took over as director of the reboot of the franchise, he drew attention and won over a certain audience, but still did not return to the essence of the first. Many directors went through the saga, but in 2018 a new trilogy would begin with Halloween – 92% that it would work as a direct sequel to the first films, where Carpenter in addition to collaborating on some points, has not stopped praising it.

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Among the plans was that Halloween Kills, the second installment of this new trilogy, would be released last year, however, it was difficult to think about bringing these tapes to the screens in the middle of a pandemic, in addition to Carpenter commented in an interview that He was sure what would happen with the pandemic and considered making a streaming premiere. Now that it will finally be released next October, the protagonist, Jamie Lee Curtis, shared on his Instagram account some words regarding the tape.

David Gordon Green and Danny McBride have created an intense and brutal second wave of their masterpiece HALLOWEEN [de] 2018 @halloweenmovie. They went deep into the 2018 movie about how much trauma was being acknowledged, mainly because of the #metoo movement that collided with Laurie’s 40-year-old trauma and now they were again ahead of the curve of the amount of rage that we all have. seen and felt in 2020. WE ARE ALL ANGRY AND WE WILL NOT LEAVE IT LIKE THAT! Another brilliant chapter in the definitive story of good versus evil, Laurie versus Michael. Happy Halloween. See you ALL in THE CINEMAS in October!

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One of the main points why the horror genre also works in literature, film, television, and even in urban legends, is because of what it manages to provoke in the audience. People have always sought to give a face to their fears and anger, so the actress’s comments are accurate when comparing what the film generated just at the time when #MeToo was in full swing.

The response with this second installment will also be reflected in how painful confinement due to the pandemic and even the deaths of loved ones has meant for many, something that could be projected into the trauma of the protagonist who has had to live for nearly forty years. with the Michael Myers murders. Previously, director David Gordon Green assured that this would function as the climax of the most recent trilogy, so the film will have more death and blood than has been seen before -and look at that blood is what stands out in the saga- .

Finally, it was the same director as the last installment, Halloween Ends, it will be more personal and introspective for the protagonist where, outside of her emotional and physical fight with the murderer, she will seek to fix her personal life and that of her family. Halloween Kills will finally hit theaters on October 15, while Halloween Ends It will be released exactly one year later.

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