Halle Bailey shares a Little Mermaid fan art that made her cry

The live-action of The Little Mermaid remains in its filming stage and fans are excited for the release. Some images of the set have been leaked through social networks that capture iconic scenes from the animated film, raising the hype of the fandom and ensuring a good collection at the box office of the future. Now Halle Bailey shares a bit of her joy at being part of the film with a very special fanart that connects the new version with the 1989 classic. In the following paragraphs we will discuss all the details.

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When Halle Bailey was announced as the actress for Ariel in the live-action of The little Mermaid not all agreed. Social networks were divided between those who were delighted with the choice and the fair representation, and that they demanded an actress with white skin and red hair as in the animated film. But Find She has already shown on many occasions that she is very at the height of the character (she is a good actress and an excellent singer) and the acceptance of the networks is increasingly visible.

Through his profile on Instagram (via GameRant), Halle Bailey shared a fanart of Louie cruz, artist specialized in Disney characters. In the piece we can see Ariel in her animated version with those unfavorable outfits that Scuttle gives her after becoming a human, and together we see the new incarnation of Bailey, also dressed similarly; Let’s remember that some of the filtered images of the shoot have captured the realization of just that scene in which the character adapts to his human body and surely he drew inspiration from them cross for your fanart. Halle posted it in a story with the words “this made me cry instantly.”

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I can’t wait for more Ariel live-action costumes !! Please wait for me to make works of art with it because it is my favorite Disney movie of all time! 😍❤️🧜🏾‍♀️ I can’t wait to see Halle Bailey’s performance as Ariel either !! Yaas. ❤️❤️Ariel and Ariel having a moment over the sea.

The little Mermaid In its live-action version, it is one of the most ambitious productions of The Walt Disney Company at the moment. The studio has already had success with previous projects, yet the 1989 film is a classic loved by millions of people and everyone has high expectations for the live-action version. Will Disney be able to exceed public expectations and earn hundreds of millions of dollars at the global box office? Will it exceed the billion mark?

Although not all people agree that Disney adapts each and every one of its animated classics to live action, it is clear that these productions have become a fundamental part of the Hollywood industry in recent years. Halle Bailey she has a very important weight on her shoulders, that of being the incarnation of one of Disney’s most beloved princesses; although his story is beloved, some want to see a change in the next adaptation, something more suited to modern times. because there are those who still look with suspicion that a 16-year-old girl leaves her family for the love of a man.

The live-action of The little Mermaid It does not yet have a premiere set by Disney but at any moment the studio could give us the big announcement. Fans are eager to hear Princess Marina singing songs like “Part of him” or others like “Under the Sea” or “Kiss the girl.”

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