Half of Spaniards will not buy a used car from Pablo Iglesias

Survey of the Autocasion and AuoScout24 portals



Updated Friday, April 30, 2021 – 12:36

In his declaration of assets in Congress, Iglesias pointed out that he had a Dacia Sandero Report The deputies do not lead by example: none have an electric car

With the elections in Madrid just around the corner, bringing politics to the used car realm shows us that The former vice president of the Government and now candidate of United We Can, Pablo Iglesias, is the leader who arouses the most suspicion when buying a second-hand car. In his declaration of assets in Congress, Iglesias indicated that he had a Dacia Sandero as a private vehicle.

As revealed by the online survey “Politics and used cars, a matter of trust”, produced by Autocasin and AutoScout24, Sumauto’s specialized VO portals, among 350 Internet users. It follows that half of the Spaniards (50.6%) will not buy a second-hand vehicle from the also secretary general of the purple party.

The second position, by the tail, would occupy the VOX candidate, Roco Monasterio. It would also be difficult for you to sell your used car to a private individual: almost 20% of Spaniards will not buy it.

On the other side of the scale, and the parliamentary arch, the one that would be easier to place would be the revelation of this campaign, Mnica Garca, since only 2.6% of those surveyed ruled out buying the car of the Ms Madrid candidate.

Ayuso, to lend her a car and travel with her

On the other hand, if the motto around security has been one of the most controversial, the current president of the Community and candidate for the PP, Isabel Daz Ayuso, endorse the surveys and it will also be the preferred one to lend you the car in case of failure, followed by the socialist Gabilondo, who is made with 20% support.

Ayuso, who owns a VW Golf GTI from 2012 valued at 12,000 euros, It would also be the favorite to share a vehicle on a long trip for half of those consulted. On the other hand, measure and calm do not seem to be attributes that are sought in this type of journey, since the PSOE candidate -which has defined himself as bland- will tell only with the company of 6.3% of Spaniards when traveling in the same cabin.

The company of the head of the list does not seem to generate a great fury either. Edmundo Bal: Only 8.3% of Spaniards would share a car with him.

The survey was conducted from a total sample of 350 responses captured through social media profiles Autocasin, as well as the Autocasin and AutoScout24 web pages, complemented by email and whatsapp channels. The period from April 8 to 28 was analyzed.

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