Haiti: OAS and the US with Jovenel; pardidocracy in maneuver and people in rebellion

The Haitian people have been taking to the streets and repeatedly paralyzing the country since 2018, protesting against the famine, demanding an end to repression, corruption and impunity; demanding the removal of President Jovenel Moísés and raising the need for a Constituent Process.

The government of that brother country has been able to sustain itself by the support of the military and police forces created by the military intervention of the US and Brazil with the complicity of the UN (Minustah), by the support of the business mafia of which the President Moises himself and by the imperial determination of the US and its OAS, in complicity with France and Canada.

This imperialist support has recently been ratified in the midst of the current general strike and the large popular mobilizations deployed in the main cities of Haiti.

The Biden Administration and the OAS General Secretariat in charge of the ill-fated Almagro – contrary to the criteria of the Constitutional Court of that country – endorsed the official criterion that the current president must remain until 2022, although constitutionally he had to leave on February 7. .

The supranational power of Western imperialism acts against the will of a mobilized and indignant people! Ready from his colonizing imprint to encourage the spurious ambitions of a delegitimized president, who then invented the farce of an alleged conspiracy to assassinate him, criminalizing the judges who handed down sentences against his nefarious and stubborn determination to remain at the head of a contested government. by much of the society he claims to lead.

The perversity of Moses and the United States, and the reactions of the opposition party and the Catholic leadership

The impact of the popular avalanche and the generalized repudiation of the current government management has been so spectacular that Moises and his collaborators, with the perversity that characterizes them, have chosen to activate the criminal gangs they finance and control to produce disproportionate violent actions; attributing it to the forces calling for the mobilizations and paralyzes, in order to discredit the just popular resistance.

In this way, George Soros’ formula is copied, used to discredit anti-racist protests in the United States and others similar to the entire length and breadth of the Western Hemisphere, and even to affect the resistance and neo-fascist offensives of the Trumpist movement. The use of manipulation and “Chaos control”For spurious purposes!

The social upheaval and the growing trend is such in Haiti that even the Catholic high hierarchy demanded the resignation of Jovenel.

At the same time, the opposition party – not holy and with little credibility at the popular level – has Challenged“To the regime; demanding the same as the Bishopric and in passing structuring a transition formula under its control, designating at the same time “Acting President”To the Dean of the Court of Cassation, Joseph Mécene Jean Louis, is trying “Fish in river scrambled” and to mediate the political exit.

The formula has a certain similarity to that of Juan Guaidó in Venezuela, but in another context and in the face of a surrendering, rotten and repressive government.

It is worth considering the possibility that behind the mobiles of that “challenge“Is a sector of the”Democratic establishment “ American; without forgetting the preeminent role of the Clinton Family, and the interests of the faction it represents in Haiti, in the design of imperial policies against the self-determination of the heroic Haitian people; which allows us not to be surprised by any doubling or turning of the US State Department, in case the permanence of Moisses is unsustainable.

Likewise, higher degrees of military intervention should not be ruled out if popular action escapes US control; that is, if there is an overflow of the current colonizing mechanisms.

And before this possibility, let us not forget that in this eastern part of our island, there is also a dependence on the United States, where a Memorandum (signed between the Government of Balaguer and the United States) has been in force since the end of the last century, which grants the Colossus of the North to use ports, airports and Dominican territory to invade Haiti militarily.

Nor should it be overlooked that this island is in the center of the Caribbean imperial border, near Cuba, opposite Venezuela and in waters common to these two Nations, worthily facing the strategy of US domination in this region.

A fight beyond this island

When it comes to examining the possibilities and perspectives of what is happening in Haiti, we must bear in mind that the power of convocation of these forceful mobilizations and protests is not in the hands of the party, nor of the so-called pro-American civil society.

They summon and organize various union instances and numerous popular and independent professional groups, which explains the relative radicality of the slogans and positions of the protesters; as well as its largely autonomous driving, although not compact or free from a certain dispersion.

The absence of a revolutionary vanguard with the capacity to articulate, lead, create consciousness, transform proposals and build political hegemony within the confluence of so many social movements, continues to be a deficit to take into account; that it could well determine, once again, that the solution to this political-social confrontation does not lead to a sovereign process and initiate the transformations that Haiti needs.

This crucial deficit is not exclusive to Haiti, but is an issue of these times, present in not a few countries of Our America, where the crisis is very deep and social rebellions are recurrent. Honduras is a unique case.

In any case, these struggles are not negligible. They are extremely important.

They, step by step, enable a significant politicization within the social movements that lead them and facilitate better levels of political articulation and the generation of alternative proposals with popular support.

The need – as long as it is accompanied by processes of revolutionary politicization – generates the possibility of overcoming significant deficiencies, and we must always bet on that.

Possibilities that are expanded if we overcome localism and think about the continental dimension of the process towards our second independence and the importance it has for countries in this area, and with these characteristics, to link our anti-imperialist struggles with those of other nations of Our America.

In short, advance alongside them, open multiple fronts to the Aggressor Empire. Undertake many processes of self-determination and make them converge in a great Latin-Caribbean torrent, sowing anti-imperialism and socialism. Create many Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, Mexico … raise many promising rebellions such as those in Haiti, Chile, Honduras and deeper … Go ahead!

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