The president of the Haitian Football Federation, Yves Jean Bart, appeared this Thursday at the Prosecutor’s Office to participate in an investigation into the allegations of sexual abuse against him, but the hearing was adjourned.

Jean Bart arrived at the hearing at the Croix des Bouquets Court in Port-au-Prince, accompanied by his lawyer and surrounded by dozens of onlookers and journalists, as well as several activists from women’s organizations who protested to demand a fair investigation that sheds light on The issue.

The hearing did not take place due to the decision of the prosecutor, who decided to first listen to other witnesses and summoned Jean Bart again to come to testify on the 20th.

“Several people have already been questioned in the context of this case. And we still have others to be heard. We have several people who are in the process of questioning,” the prosecutor of the Croix-des-Bouquets Court of First Instance told Efe. Maxime Augustin.

Several activists gathered in front of the court with signs calling for “justice” and saying: “the women go out to the street to seek light in the case.”

The investigation against the president of the Haitian Federation arose as a result of a report in The Guardian newspaper, which accused Jean Bart of having forced several players to have sex with him, including one who was forced to abort.

The alleged attacks have occurred in the last five years, according to the English newspaper.

The defendant’s attorney Stanley Gaston told the media that Jean Bart has no open case in court, noting that there are only allegations made by a newspaper.

“At the moment, there is no case, neither victim nor plaintiffs. We are in a file that refers to sexual abuse, if there are no victims or whistleblowers, there is no sexual abuse,” said the lawyer.

Gaston also reiterated that Jean Bart has no intention of resigning.

Last Monday, the FHF president filed a defamation complaint in the Croix-des-Bouquets trial court for the report.

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