Many questions remain to be answered about the coronavirus, especially about the consequences that the disease can cause once it has been eradicated from the human body. A new study suggests that an unexpected effect could result from the disease: hair loss. This result was discovered after analyzing almost half a thousand patients, who said they had experienced this sequel after being cured of Covid-19.

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A study carried out by the Indiana University School of Medicine in the United States analyzed cases of patients who had survived Covid-19. The study had as a general purpose discover the consequences that those who were recovering from the virus could present, a list that includes all kinds of “symptoms in the brain, body, eyes, skin” and other “common health problems that people recovering from COVID-19 are experiencing.”

One of the problems that had a higher frequency than expected was that of hair loss. 423 patients reported having experienced this situation. It is a recent discovery that is hardly attracting the attention of the medical community, so it has not been studied in depth. But there is no need to worry either.

This is most likely a temporary problemsaid Jeff Donovan, president of the Canadian Foundation for Hair Loss:

“The prognosis is good for many people, but the recommendation for most is to ignore it and continue without formal treatment. Patients always want to do something about it, but the reality is that this situation will by definition resolve itself. “

There is no reason to be alarmed, although experts recommend attending the doctor if a significant change in the patient’s health status is observed. This could be one of the many consequences of the disease, but it is something that we will be sure of in time.