Hailey Bieber doesn’t stop shopping even when she has a stomachache

Hailey Bieber’s wardrobe tells us one thing: she enjoys shopping too much, and this theory has just been proven.

Hailey Bieber went shopping in West Hollywood, California. Everything seemed to be in order, until a certain discomfort in her stomach made her bend slightly due to the pain and she brought one of her hands towards her belly to seek relief.

Hailey, who usually wears tight clothes and tops that reveal her tapered waist, seemed to be suffering on her way out and unfortunately, this time her husband Justin Bieber was not with her.

Without having any improvement, the model contacted someone through her cell phone and exposed her abdomen, which looked somewhat swollen. Is it a temporary discomfort or is it related to the arrival of a new member of your family? We do not know yet.

Visibly upset, Hailey continued walking in distress, but her discomfort did not get in the way of her shopping therapy at H. Lorenzo. After a while, nothing seemed to convince her or perhaps she realized that it would be a mistake to buy something that did not taste perfectly, so she left the store without taking any items with her.

Suddenly his appetite returned and he passed for a green drink. Whether you chose a matcha latte or a green juice, it could have been a risky choice, as it could have further irritated your stomach; In addition, she showed light marks of her Brandy Melville jeans on her abdomen.

Fortunately, he seemed to like the drink quite well; Or in any case, having distracted seeing something that interested him made him forget his ailment for a while, since after a few minutes he released his hair (which now looks a few shades less light), put on his sun The Attico for $ 250 and smiled again as if he were taking photos for some campaign.

Seeing her like this, it would be impossible to think that a few hours ago she did not feel quite right. Hailey headed home again sporting her smile and a cute velvet bag that rested under her arm. This Nanushka item is on the market for $ 640.

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