Hailey Bieber decided to make public her interest in Shawn Mendes, and she let him see it

At a crucial moment in their lives, Hailey Bieber clarified her position on Shawn Mendes in a podcast where she talked about everything that happened in an intense and whirlwind year 2018.

November 30, 2020 19:05

The wife of Justin Bieber, Hailey bieber, appeared weeks ago on the podcast of her friend Ashley Graham and for which she spoke about her relationship with Shawn mendes, current boyfriend of Selena Gómez and what represents a true love cube.

Hailey Baldwin and Shawn Mendes

Compared to a good present between the two Canadian singers and which was demonstrated with the recent single ‘Monster’, released on November 20, not long ago the two artists had an idea why? because his next partners would be his ex-girlfriends.

In 2018, after Justin definitively broke up with Selena Gómez, or vice versa, a redhead Hailey baldwin shared red carpet with the elegant Shawn mendes And they were in good company! Something that immediately ignited the rumors of the press and that was portrayed in the gala of the ‘MET’ Awards that same year.

Hailey Baldwin and Shawn Mendes

Everything was forgotten after the model and daughter of Stephen Baldwin will show public interest in Shawn, but the goodbye of the interpreter of ‘Baby’ to Selena Gomez coincided so that, Hailey He will make the scam of his life and a decision to risk marriage at only 21 years of age.

Canadians left behind the murky waters of the first months of their relationship, with some hints through social networks, but not before a dedication of Selena Gomez to Justin in the song of ‘Lose you to love me’ with the lyrics: “In two months you replaced us as if it were easy”.