Bomb alert ! Hailey Baldwin broke the internet again by showing off in a sexy bikini to promote a Versace fragrance.

Hailey Baldwin strikes again! Justin Bieber’s sweetheart also caused a sensation by posing in a bikini for a Versace ad. MCE TV shows you everything.

To this day who does not know Hailey Baldwin ?! Besides the fact that some members of his family are brilliantly illustrated in the cinema, the star is also all the rage in the fashion world.

But it was especially her love affair with Justin Bieber that projected her under the spotlight. For several years, the two stars have been spinning the perfect love.

Now married they seem to love each other like the first day. Like her sweetheart, Hailey Baldwin is also very active on Instagram.

On this social network, the young woman has a large community. Indeed, more than 29 million Internet users follow his daily life on this social network.

In the last news, all is well for her! For several weeks, the star has been on trips to the 4 corners of the United States. And with her photos, she dazzles with her alluring bikinis!

Hailey Baldwin ignites the Web in an ad for Versace!

Despite the pandemic, Hailey Baldwin and Justin organized a frenzied evening in their home in LA this summer … Ignoring barrier gestures, the two stars and their guests quickly attracted the wrath of Internet users!

For several months, the lovebirds saw no one and lived cloistered at home. In addition, many of their projects have also been put on hold.

But a few hours ago, Hailey Baldwin made her fans’ heads spin with a brand new video. To see the images, the model signed a new collaboration with Versace.

In the extracts, the pretty blonde then connects lascivious poses to promote a perfume … Without forgetting to wear the flashy outfits from the famous Italian brand. In any case, Internet users are unanimous!

And especially conquered by the almost insolent beauty of the model. We let you admire!

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