Hacking Capcom compromised employee and customer information

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Capcom issued a statement this morning to discuss the hack it suffered in early November. Initially, the company shared few details of the attack and assured that there was no type of risk for the users of its networks.

Shortly after, a report came to light where it was detailed that the company was attacked with the Ragnar Locker ransomware and was asked for $ 11 million to release all the stolen information. Unfortunately, the study today confirmed that the attack did compromise some people’s important data.

The company explained in detail what kind of information was stolen, as well as its strategy to find the culprits. He also spoke about his plans to improve his security and prevent future attacks.

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Capcom acknowledges theft of information and apologizes

In its statement, Capcom made official the hacking and theft of important company information, as well as personal data of some people linked to the company. The study publicly apologized for any problems this may cause in the future.

To be more exact, we know that the attack compromised personal information of former Capcom members and current employees. Names, phone numbers, addresses, passport information and signatures were stolen.

Likewise, sales information and financial reports were stolen. Capcom’s partners in America and Japan were also affected, as the hackers obtained data from shareholders and various departments, such as human resources.

Capcom clarified that none of the data at risk involves credit card information. The company has already started a process to contact all affected people and notify them of the situation.

“The investigation and analysis of this incident took longer due to the specific nature of this attack (…) Capcom regrets that this report could not be completed earlier. The company asks all the people potentially affected by this incident to act with great caution, paying attention to suspicious packages that they receive in the mail or the messages they may receive, ”the study stated.

Capcom already has a strategy to improve your security

Capcom has not stood idly by, as it is already working to resolve the situation as well as possible and improve its safety in the future. Authorities from the United States and Japan collaborate with the company, which will be advised by data protection institutions.

On the other hand, companies dedicated to computer security will help determine the scope of the attack and prevent this situation from happening again. Capcom will work with experts to improve their systems and prevent information theft.

“Capcom wishes to once again reiterate its sincere apologies for any complications or concerns this incident may have caused. As a company that handles digital content, you are taking this incident very seriously. To avoid a recurrence, it will endeavor to further strengthen its management structure, ”the study concluded.

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