“Hack & Disrupt tries to further expand the financial ecosystem by focusing on fintech”

– What is the Hack & Disrupt event? What are your goals?

– Hack & Disrupt is what is known as a hackathon. This refers to the fact that certain entities launch challengers (challenges) and a group of startup entrepreneurs meets to answer those challenges by offering a solution and analyzing how it can be undertaken. It is a kind of competition in which, at the end, prizes are given to the group that best submitted a response to the challenge.

In this case, there will be five challenges, three from banks and two from insurance companies. The objective of the Hack & Disrupt is to empower Bilbao, Vizcaya, Fintech BBF; that it is making a very important collaboration for the University of Mondragón, and the collaboration that we are having with F10, the accelerator and incubator of the Sit group in relation to Fintech Well it is true that, in Bilbao, industrial, energy and health startups are in a single sheet important. For this reason, it is necessary to give a push to Fintech in Bilbao, which has always been a financial market with a stock market, to develop it further.

It is a project that invites a lot of hope because there are quite a few young people behind it and it is fundamentally about expanding the financial ecosystem further, promoting more financial culture and, within these two factors, focusing on the issue of fintech.

– In addition to the challenges that the teams will solve, what panels will be held at the event?

– In the first place, there will be a presentation by the authorities, the Provincial Council and a ceremony in which Javier Hernani CEO of BME will be. Along with the development of the hackathon there will be a development of talks, conferences and networking meetings. Within our BME group, Álvaro Suarez and Berta Ares will comment on the species that we have in the sandbox with the Marketplace, I myself will talk about the pre-market environment that is a platform a meeting point for companies that do not have enough size to go to the BME Growth, but they do have it to be on a platform where they publish their relevant facts, communicate business plans and meet with investors within the pre-market environment.

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We also have a sub-category for even less mature companies. We will talk about the successes of Fintech, but, all this under a prism of sustainability and ESG that, in the world of Fintech, are having great importance in all sectors and, together with the world of finance, people who always look will participate projects from an ESG lens. It is not only the environmental issue, it is that of a code of good governance, and sustainability. In summary, the event will consist of the challenges and the talks that will be given along with interventions on the importance of ESG in Fintech.

– What role does digitization play in the markets?

– There is already talk of digitization in all sites, for example, in the industrial issue, service sectors and the financial sector that you are very sensitive to it. There has been a push with the issue of the pandemic towards digitization and it has taken on more boom, which has motivated that, in parallel, the world of crypto assets is also taking shape. It is not a mature reality, but there are already central banks that are talking about issuing cryptocurrencies applying blockchain technology.

– The event is held in Bilbao. How do you assess the role of this city as a financial center?

– Bilbao has always been very important financially speaking since many banks, insurance companies, a stock market were born here. And there has always been a very important link with the financing system of companies. Not only through credit but through the stock market. There is a financial culture, but, on the Fintech issue, Bilbao needs to regain the position it should have because, as well as in the industrial, energy and health sectors, it is quite high, on the Fintech issue, although it is already a reality thanks to the BBF group, we have to develop it further to respond to what the Fintech world has to be in a city like Bilbao.

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