hack could include personal information of users

Capcom has been involved in a hacking problem caused by a ransomware that has managed to leak many things, and it seems that it is more serious.

Capcom is one of the most famous and successful video game companies in all history, so much so that they have millionaire franchises and legendary like Street Fighter, Mega Man, Resident Evil and Devil May Cry, among many, many others mores.

Recently this company received a hack that could put a lot of company information at risk, such as game names not yet announced and now, it appears that it also involves users’ personal information.

A troubling claim

The Capcom hack allegedly It was carried out thanks to a group of cyber criminals called Ragnar Locker and the way they did it was through Ransomware.

Initially, it was thought that this had only affected the company and its present, past and future game information, as well as information from employees and the company, but now it is believed that we are facing a much bigger attack than previously thought.

It is currently believed that this hack has affected more than 350 thousand users, but within all of them, the personal and sensitive information of Capcom shareholders could also be included.

This attack could give access to information such as names, emails and passwords, but from the company itself they assure that this does not include the account numbers or user cards at all, as this information has always been handled by third parties when making purchases in any of its digital products.

So although we are sure they have not taken any of our money and they will not, it may be good to change passwords in case you have an email account associated with Capcom or any of its services.

Before any update on this, We will send them to you as soon as more information is published.