It is true that weekends were made to rest, but also to activate the mind and body in a beneficial way. The CEOs of some of the best companies in the world know this and that is why, in addition to relaxing, they also incorporate certain activities into their routine that keep them on this path of success.

Laura Vanderkam, author of ‘What the Most Successful People Do on the Weekend’ (Portfolio, 2012), affirms that successful people know that weekends are a space to relax, take advantage of time and, at the same time, do things they are most passionate about.

« You need to rejuvenate yourself on weekends instead of getting tired or disappointed, » explains Venderkam in one of his books.

What do you do on weekends so that you can rest, but also keep thinking about the best ways to innovate in your company? What do you have in common with the following personalities who are CEOs of important companies that dominate the world?

Adam Nash

The owner of Quora, the social network where users ask questions and other users answer them, spends the weekend going to events, parties and other social gatherings to network with his wife.

Bill gates

After several years of spending the weekends working without stepping on his house, the owner of Microsoft today is a more relaxed guy and spends the day at home and thinking about what he did during the week.

Elon musk

The CEO of Tesla and Space X forgets those plans to transform the world and dedicates himself body and soul to his five children with whom he watches TV, plays and spends his time relaxed. Of course, he does not take off the phone and answer emails when the situation warrants it.

Jack dorsey

The soul behind Twitter uses Saturdays to distract and get lost in California’s natural parks. Sunday is used to focus and plan your agenda for the week and to make a detailed analysis of the most important activities you will do on each day of the week.

Richard Branson

The owner of the Virgin empire takes refuge on his private island in the Caribbean where he begins his weekend on Friday dancing in the company of his friends from two in the morning. After sleeping for a few hours, he wakes up and goes to the sea. Saturday and Sunday the life of a true millionaire occurs: he plays tennis, scuba diving and plays chess on the beach with his children.

Other activities that successful people carry out consist of exercising, an activity that not only strengthens your body but helps the mind to refresh. Reviewing the to-do list is something that successful people also do on weekends, as it is an ideal time to plan the strategies you will carry out to meet your goals.

Discovering new places is another activity of great benefit: Laura Vanderkam affirms that walking and oxygenating your body helps release endorphins into the bloodstream. All of the above helps the weekends to be seen not only as the day to throw laziness but to rest but doing beneficial activities.