Haas explains Mazepin’s difficulties that Mick Schumacher doesn’t have

In this start to the 2021 season, Haas is struggling unspeakably to escape the last row of the grid. However, in the American line-up Mick Schumacher is offering much better sensations than Nikita Mazepin.

Life isn’t easy at all deep down on the grid, especially if you’re a rookie pilot And you’ve only had a day and a half of preseason to adapt to the team, the car and the category.

Well that’s what is happening to Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin, both rookie Haas drivers who fight every weekend to avoid the last row of the grid.

“Nikita suffers a little more, because he wants a stable rear end.”

But it is true that Mick Schumacher is showing a lot faster and more consistent, making fewer mistakes and even challenging Michael Latifi’s second Williams. Instead, Nikita Mazepin has delivered a disappointing performance thus far.

“I think Mick may be able to adapt faster to the car”Günther Steiner acknowledges when asked by both drivers. “I mean, we all know that the car is not very good, and we always said that, so as much as my colleagues are suffering, I would like to have one of their cars.”

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“In the end, I think with Nikita we just have to get him a better balanced car,” emphasizes the Haas manager. “The car is very unstable in the turn, I guess Mick can maybe handle that better. and Nikita suffers a little more, because he wants a stable rear end.

This oversteer is embittering the start of the season for the Russian driver, who is also constantly criticized for his mistakes. Something that will only change when his performance begins to match that of his German partner. «It is one of the things in which we have to try to help Nikita, to make him feel more secure, because if you do not have confidence in your car it is very difficult to do itor. The speeds at which they go … is not easy ”, concludes Steiner.

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