Grosjean: “Q2 for both cars is our next goal”

Magnussen: “We still need to find more rhythm in qualifying”

Team Haas reaches the fourth round of the 2020 season, the British Grand Prix, after a bittersweet result in Hungary. There Kevin Magnussen got the first two points of the year for the team, but a subsequent sanction took one of them away. The drivers agree that, despite being far behind in qualifying, the pace of the car is good, so they hope to achieve a good result at Silverstone.

Romain Grosjean (19th in the World Cup):

“I think we’ve understood the car a little bit more and tried to put it in a better place. I guess the circuit design worked a little better for the car – in Hungary – so we were a little bit more on pace, matching the rhythm of the others, which was good. ”

“I think Q2 for both cars is our next goal. I don’t know if that can be achieved in the next races, but it is definitely what we are aiming for. We will work as hard as we can and obviously we will try to get there without affecting our race pace. ”

“I think we started to get an idea of ​​what the VF-20 is like. Now we are fighting with Alfa Romeo and Williams a little behind the middle group, so we just have to try to put the car in an even better place. I think we have done a good job, but we will keep pushing and we’ll see what we can improve. ”

“At Silverstone you need to see what the weather will be like. It is Great Britain, you can have many surprises, but that is the first thing you should check. Silverstone changes completely from being a fast circuit to a low speed circuit. The time you can win is achieved in corners three, four, six, seven and the last chicane: it’s the low speed corners. That’s where you want to have good performance in the car. ”

Kevin Magnussen (16th in the World Cup):

“I think we have learned a lot about the VF-20 in the first three races. It was nice to get to know the car a little bit more and I think we have been successful moving forward in the direction we are going with this year’s car compared to the VF-19. The car is much more manageable in the race, but we still need to find more pace in qualifying, and we are working on it. ”

“As I said, the car is very manageable, it is consistent around corners. With last year’s car, for example, you couldn’t push for a long time because you lost grip on the tires. The VF-20 seems to keep the tires on the working window throughout the stint is much better than last year’s car. I’d say it’s really the main difference. The characteristics of the one-lap car are also better, but obviously we need more overall performance to get more out of it of him in qualifying and racing. However, the base of the car is really good. ”

“Currently I don’t think we are strong enough to do more than sneak into Q2 in qualifying. We are much stronger in the race, as I said, but we have to do our best to qualify to get as far as possible. in the race”.

“I would say that the ingredient for a good weekend at Silverstone is a lot of downforce, although you have some pretty decent straights, so you also need speed on straights. I don’t think we will change our focus much. We will use free practice to try to set up the car properly and prepare for qualifying and the race. ”

Guenther Steiner, team manager:

“We would certainly do the same again – about Hungary. The 10-second penalty was a bit ambiguous. Unfortunately, we cannot appeal it because it is a time penalty and it cannot be appealed. It has never been done before, and it seems that if it has never been done before and there is no clear regulation, a penalty is applied. We have to go ahead with this, but it sure encouraged the race for everyone. I don’t think we should stop doing these things in races. ”

“Obviously I feel like we should go into Q2, but unfortunately we don’t. We just lack speed in qualifying and that’s something we have to live with as we don’t have any major updates planned and no engine updates either. We just have to fight and always try to do a good job. ”

“Silverstone, with its high speed cornering, is certainly a challenge for the drivers, but also for the team. Normally, our car was quite good in high speed cornering, but this year I think it is a little different. Simply we are not fast enough in the corners. We have to try to find the balance with a medium speed downforce without losing too much in the high speed areas. ”

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