Haaland pulls Sevilla and maintains the pulse with Mbappé

A monster came to see me at Sánchez-Pizjuá
n. That’s what he must have felt Seville when Haaland He burst into the game to blow up the tie with two blows in the first half. The Norwegian was an irrepressible gale for him Seville and his doublet leaves those of Lopetegui on the brink of elimination in the Champions, a competition that he does not know how to decipher as the Europa League among other things because there are not crossed footballers as devastating as the Nordic nine.

Haaland is a footballer who seems designed in a laboratory and destined to colonize Europe with his repertoire in the open field and his fierceness in the area. They suffered it in their flesh Kooundé Y Diego Carlos, one of the most fit center back pairs in Europe. When in the second part they threw the noose, it was too late. The wound was already done but Lopetegui He knew how to stop the bleeding with the changes and keep his team with a thread of life for the return.

The Norwegian’s display in the first half serves to leave the Dortmund at the gates of the quarterfinals and reopens the debate on which striker will determine the future of continental football the most, if he or Kylian Mbappé. To the wonderful performance of the French in the Camp Nou The Norwegian responded with a display of power and punch that left Sevilla knocked out and unanswered, victim of the voracity of an attacker whose ceiling is not guessed. In this edition he already has eight targets and looks to the next round of the Champions as one of the great threats to avoid.

Norwegian’s connection with Jadon sancho Y Reus wreaked havoc when and how he wanted Dortmund. The two players of the German team were the link that he needed Haaland to pull the Seville. Kooundé Y Diego Carlos, who came to the appointment as the great guarantee of the solidity of Sevilla de Lopetegui, succumbed to the repertoire of the Nordic, who only has eyes for the rival goal. Everything else is accessory to him, even play, from which he can disconnect until he smells danger. It does not have the finesse nor is it as showy as Mbappe, but that to Haaland it doesn’t matter to him. If something can be reproached to the Nordic, it was his conformism in the second part, a circumstance that gave wings to a Seville touched but not sunk.