HA-ASH! New premiere! – Music News

July 16 was undoubtedly the lucky day in the music industry. Today we want to present you the new material from the most successful female duo in Mexico! Of course we mean the gorgeous Ha-ash girls! Are you ready? We tell you everything here in Music News!

It turns out that on July 16 the Ha-ash girls released their new material entitled: “Overcome the past” this is so real, believe it or not, it is a song that if you listen to it and make sense of the lyrics it will help you to all your spiritual part. Many people can come into our lives, friends, loves, family, some stay and contribute to our life, they add to our happiness, but there are others that also help us to grow but those how they hurt, they make us suffer, we cry until we cannot more and sometimes we believe that we will not be able to get out of that, but the reality is that we do not know the favor that these temporary and painful people do us, because they are really doing us the favor of growing more and making us stronger as human beings.

And I’m going to tell you something, when this happens, it is just when we manage to overcome the past! You understand, you mature, and you accept, but the best you grow as a person and this is what Ha-ash talks about in his new single entitled, “Overcome the past.”

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