Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter Apple jokes about the “intimate products” her mom sells

For several years now, Gwyneth paltrow She put aside her career as a Hollywood actress to launch herself as a businesswoman for her own beauty brand. The creator of Goop runs her company and her products always attract attention: from a scented candle for her private parts, to jade eggs for the genital area. His 16-year-old daughter, Apple martin, recorded a video where he made fun of his mother’s facial care routine and the company’s exotic catalog of options.

Apple is the first-born of the actress, the result of her relationship with the musician Chris Martin, and the teenager maintains a very low profile on social networks. However, this time he was encouraged to put his face on for an outreach campaign of the Paltrow company, under the title: “One morning with mom”.

The video was posted on Goop’s Instagram account, with the caption: “This is what Apple thinks about what his mother does during her workday.” In the clip, the actress is seen doing her daily activities and the young woman provides the description: “In principle, she does not eat anything other than dates and almond butter.”

“It’s 8 in the morning and she’s been doing this since 7. She just walks around the bathroom, putting on millions of Goop Glow products to make her skin radiant,” joked her daughter, while the actress showed the different lotions that she applies daily. in the face.

The climax of the video came when Apple made a direct reference to the brand’s famous intimate products: “He gets to work and designs more vaginal eggs. And candles, also vaginal candles, and vaginal perfumes. Everything is just vaginal”.

Although all the comments are in a mocking and sarcastic tone, her mother took the TikTok in which her daughter starred with great humor. Hours later, it was learned that it was all part of the first project they will face together: “Today I launch a new and exciting product with one of the loves of my life,” wrote Paltrow, along with a selfie with Apple that he posted on Instagram.

The mystery was finally revealed when the company posted another video of the actress’s daughter using a new lotion made for younger girls. “We asked Apple Martin to test our new secret weapon for dry skin, launching today, and they have been using it daily for several months. The verdict? She is obsessed with results ”, they assured, with an effective marketing campaign that did not go unnoticed by her followers.