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Madrid, Aug 12 . .- From starring in Hollywood blockbuster movies to revolutionizing the networks for her controversial wellness tips, to becoming a businesswoman, Gwyneth Paltrow makes the leap to fashion and presents the capsule collection “G. Label Dress Collection ”, using her mother and daughter as role models for the campaign, with a“ transgenerational ”message.
“This is a story as old as time: a mother clings to a special dress that she hopes to pass on to her daughter; her daughter pines for the day when she can ‘borrow’ said dress from her mother’s closet. The first collection of G. Label dresses is truly unique for all ages ”, reads the manifesto published by Paltrow on the firm’s website.
In seven dresses with a « midi » cut, made with Italian fabrics and in basic shades such as white, navy blue or red in a « polka » print, Paltrow has created « G. Label Dress Collection ”, a new extension of her Goop lifestyle brand that aims to create timeless pieces and whose main ambassadors have been her daughter Apple Martin and her mother Brythe Danner, a regular ambassador for the brand.
Gwyneth Paltrow (1972, California) rose to fame for her portrayal of the character Viola Lesseps in the film « Shakespeare in Love » (1998), a role with which the American won an Oscar and a Golden Globe, opening a path in the interpretation that would be relegated to her role as a businesswoman in the field of healthy lifestyle, as a result of losing her father, producer Bruce Paltrow, to cancer.
Since then, what began as a blog in which the interpreter revealed her holistic daily care advice, always questioned by experts and surrounded by controversy, ended up becoming Goop, a lifestyle portal and a cosmetic firm that ranges from face creams to nutritional supplements, valued at 250 million euros (212.6 million euros) according to The New York Times.
Tips such as performing coconut oil mouthwashes, using coffee enemas to cleanse the colon, taking vaginal steam baths to regulate hormones or using vaporizing sprays against « mental vampires » are just some of the questioned practices that Paltrow has explained since Goop, always subject to questioning by experts as well as great controversy in networks.
And is that Gwyneth Paltrow is used to living in the center of controversy with her statements and her business; proof of this is the sale of candles with the smell of her vagina, whose stocks were exhausted the same day they went on sale with a price of 75 dollars (63.7 euros).
With the idea of ​​providing solutions to « plural fears and concerns » in various ways from Goop, the American emphasizes the transgenerational character through the different initiatives of the portal.
Just five days before launching the collection of dresses, the actress has already uploaded a conversation with her mother and daughter on her networks about the importance of facial care, using brand cosmetics.
Maria Muñoz