There are still a few months to go Roland Garros 2020 is celebrated and Guy forget He is already rubbing his hands hoping that the situation will make it easier for him to take more or less strict measures. The French director knows that what happened on the Adria Tour cannot be repeated, so the main thing in his maneuver will be to guarantee the safety of those present. In a new interview with ., the former world number 4 put on record the illusion that the organization has and pointed out in what phase they are at this point.

– Learning from the Adria Tour

“Maybe some people were too confident about doing the Adria Tour. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured, but even a few cases are too many, we want to avoid as many as we can. We want to assure everyone that having sick people would be a terrible thing for us. Please, it’s time to be really careful, to be very cautious ”.

– Tournament with public, there is no other option

“We are all watching football these days on television, it is something wonderful, but it lacks something without the crowd. We are working closely with government administrations to ensure that we can provide some audience while strictly following all security measures. Fortunately, things are a little bit more flexible here in Europe and specifically in France. Hopefully what we will announce soon will be even more flexible than what we said. ”

– A change of dates that not everyone liked

“We are not going to celebrate it, nor are we going to congratulate ourselves on the decision we made. We simply thought that he was worth taking that risk, even if that move made many other people unhappy. When we arrive in mid-October, if we see that we have managed to unite and provide income to 600 people, I think it will be enough to be satisfied as a Federation and, in my case, also as a former player ”.

– The goal is still far

“I don’t want to shout ‘victory’ before the tournament really happens. As the director that I am, I will only be happy and calm the day I see the male winner shake hands with the finalist in the network. That will be the moment when we can all say that we did it together. ”