On July 26, 2020, Guy Carlier worried Internet users by revealing several photos of him on which he appeared very thin. Faced with many reactions and questions, the 71-year-old columnist and writer spoke.

Monday July 27, Guy Carlier wished to reassure those who were worried about seeing them so thin. In the caption of a new photo of him posing with his third son, Antoine (13 years old), born from his relationship with Joséphine Dard, the daughter of Frédéric Dard, the one who is also the father of the famous youtubeur Carlito and Stéphane (born from two other relationships) posted a message that puts an end to all rumors: “It’s true that a football shirt from a certain age, it looks grandpa and that, when you lose weight, the weight of the lost fat is replaced by that of the years. But I assure you, I feel very good. I will prove it to you on stage on 9/26 in Argenteuil. Thank you all. “

Guy Carlier had posed in a football shirt on the occasion of the Coupe de France, won on Friday July 24 by PSG. And the supporter of AS Monaco seemed very thin in it. “It’s XL. A year ago, I was wearing 4XL … Ten years ago, it would have been necessary to cut the jersey out of a yurt fabric, “he wrote. Guy Carlier, who suffered from bulimia, weighed no less than 251 kilos. The last time he had mentioned a weight loss, he had revealed to have lost 125 pounds.

In a relationship with Christine, pulmonologist and oncologist, the one who is also a lyricist has been able to face his demons. “I took a psychological and surgical path: a bypass, a sleeve and necessary cosmetic surgery operations. When you lose so much weight, you have a lot of sagging skin. I was put on titanium knees, because I no longer had cartilage, “he explained to Télé Star. In this same interview, he also told what the click was that made him react: “When my companion at the time came home and found me on the floor covered with spaghetti without me being able to get up … It was too much humiliation for her. For me, it was the trigger for me to phone Jean-Michel Cohen. He had me locked up for nine months in a clinic where addictions are treated. saved my life. “

As Guy Carlier indicated in his tweet on Monday, he will be in Argenteuil on September 26 for his show Oubliez Carl … Rencontre Guitou !, which he co-wrote with François Rollin. He evokes his past, his present and his future with tenderness and humor.