It never hurts to know the perception of things by a man who knows what it is to be the focus of media attention. Gustavo Kuerten He acquired a figure beyond sports in his country thanks to his tennis career, he knows what it is like to go from glory to hell in a short time and he has a particular vision of how everything can be magnified, both good and bad. With this perspective, he analyzed in a Brazilian environment everything that happened weeks ago around Novak Djokovic. It is interesting to see how I regret what happened, admits that the Serb made bad decisions, but tries to see the positive side of the matter.

“All this has been very shocking. It cannot be denied that it was a total disaster Adria Tour and everything that surrounded Novak that week, but you also have to appreciate that he publicly apologized, “he says before approaching the matter from an interesting perspective.” Things have been done very badly, but everyone can be wrong. What happens is that someone of Djokovic’s relevance has no margin for it, he is judged forcefully for every human error he may commit. Many people consider that their idols do not have the right to make mistakes, “said the Brazilian.

He has not hesitated to break a spear for the Serb and highlight his empathy. “He is a person very committed to all world problems. The situation was not simple, but what has happened on the Adria Tour serves to understand how things should be done. Clear protocols must be created to allow our sport to continue with Security. I think that you have already done a reflection exercise on everything that has happened and you may end up learning a lot from this. It has been a bad experience, you have made mistakes, but it will be reinforced in the future, “said a Gustavo Kuerten thus offering a little air to Novak Djokovic as far as public opinion is concerned.