Gustavo Kuerten and the retirement of Roger Federer at Roland Garros

Former Brazilian tennis player Gustavo Kuerten gave a few words to Sportkeeda to analyze the current situation surrounding the world of tennis and more specifically the retirement of Roger Federer the other day at Roland Garros 2021. Kuerten acknowledges that it would be very sad if the last memory we have of Roger in a Grand Slam is the two match balls lost in last year’s Wimbledon final against Novak Djokovic.

One of the big news of the week was the retirement of Roger Federer in the round of 16 at Roland Garros 2021, after defeating German Dominik Koepfer in a tough match. Hours after the end of the match, the Swiss surprised everyone by getting off the tournament to avoid physical problems. Gustavo Kuerten spoke about this, who understood the Swiss decision perfectly: “We all know Federer. He knows very clearly how far his body can go. He does not go out on the track to joke. When he sees that he is not physically well he knows when to stop “.

The Brazilian legend is clear that Roger Federer’s goal is none other than to win Wimbledon at least once more: “Federer’s great priority is Wimbledon. Hopefully he can achieve the great dream. In the next two Wimbledon I see him with Real chance of being able to win. A couple of years ago he was on the verge of winning it. He had two championship balls, but succumbed to Djokovic. It would be very sad if this is the last great moment of his career in a Grand Slam. I hope have a good Wimbledon this year and can come out as champion. That would be great.

Over the years, Nadal wins Roland Garros easier

Kuerten sees Rafael Nadal coming out on Sunday as Roland Garros champion and breaking the existing equality with Roger Federer as the player with the most Grand Slams: “It is very likely that Nadal will overtake Federer in a few days. With the Spanish I was wrong clearly. When I think that this year may be the last I can win in Paris, it surprises us all by playing even better and winning more easily than in the last.

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