Gustavo Adolfo Infante responded harshly to Amandititita’s statements (Video: First-hand) (Twitter @ deprimeramano)

In the midst of the conversation about harmful behaviors in society and their response in the mediawhere characters like Chumel Torres, Horacio Villalobos and Barbara De Regil have been singled out for spreading content that has been deemed classist, racist, misogynistic and homophobicAs the case may be, the debate continues to generate more voices.

After the singer Amandititita denounced on her social networks that she has received multiple attacks the driver Horacio Villalobos, and the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, from whom he said he had been the victim of « the cruellest » attacks, the host of the First-hand shows program sent him a confusing message, on the one hand he offered apologies and on the other, he disqualified his work with crude assertions.

“I don’t remember, but when you dedicate yourself to the media you criticize. To me, the musical work, vocal, and as writer, as author, of Amandititita does not seem bad to me, it seems very bad, I think it does not contribute, I think it is quite repetitive, that it does not have a voice, that it does not have a cadence, that it does not have a rhythm, a style. That is what I always thought, I think and I will think of her, and apart from Mrs. Amandititita says that for ten years I attacked her, never Amandititita has been in force for ten years to attack her for ten years« Said the driver.

The singer spoke out against the attacks on her person (Photo: Twitter)

Infante also questioned the validity of the visibility of this type of behavior, because for him they would be characteristics inherent to his time.

“I believe that times are being lived that are changing and evolving. With all due respect, if today we grab the songs of Cri cri, an event would have to take place in the Plaza de toros México or in the capital’s zocalo, and burn all the songs of Cri cri, El negrito Sandía, La negrita Cucurumbé, because they are racists, back then they were not racists because a black person was called black, a black girl was told black ”, he argued to validate his point of view.

The journalist also disqualified the work of the daughter of the emblematic urban rocker Rockdrigo González, because he shredded the lyrics of his song La muy muy, where « the queen of anarcumbia » sings lines like: « Stop bitch, you are getting more watery, you are uglier than the chupacabra … »

Amandititita became a trend on Twitter for raising his voice against the comments he received from some drivers (IG: amanditita)

« What I said about Amandititita were critical at the time, but if we analyze the lyrics of Amandititita, I think the one who is classist is her. I to Mrs. Amandititita if at any time for my criticism, for my comments, I offended her, I offer an apology and where I am, in the spaces that I have in my charge, where I work, of course, Amandititita, who will be at your command; but if you are ten or fifteen years old, or I don’t know how many years you have not appeared in the musical firmament, it seems to me very bad that you take advantage of a moment when some people are lynched by other things so you can get on the train of this and you want to advertise when you are not in the art scene, right? Greetings. ”Finished the driver visibly upset.

Now many people have too delicate skin, so the criticism is crushing them with the theme of ‘they are discriminating against me and they are classist’ and so on. With Mrs. Amandititita it was not my intention, but musically I think it is a zero to the left, musically speaking

The conductor expressed that it would accommodate the artist’s musical projects as long as the note does not have to do with controversies that he qualified as opportunists to promote himself.

The driver disqualified the artistic work of the daughter of the iconic singer-songwriter Rockdrigo González (Photo: Instagram Gustavo Adolfo Infante)

I have no problem with her, the day she has something important to say, musically speaking, which remains to be seen, if she has a new album, only she does not want publicity, we are at your service, Mrs. Amandititita

By last, Infante downplayed the complaint of the resident singer-songwriter of the United States: « I don’t even remember it, I really don’t remember it, there are more important things, Amandititita, people are dying, there is a huge economic crisis out there, These kinds of programs try to entertain people and God bless you. « 


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