Gustavo Adolfo Infante releases a video with the “only condition” that Frida Sofía asked him to publish the interview about Enrique Guzmán

The journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante publishes a video with the only condition that Frida Sofía asked him to get the interview she granted and where she accuses her grandfather Enrique Guzmán of having allegedly abused her.

Photo: Alma Salomon. / Grosby Group

The conflict and controversy that has arisen after Frida sofia give the journalist an interview Gustavo Adolfo Infante where accused his grandfather, Enrique Guzmán, of sexual abuse, claiming that he supposedly groped her at age five, she grows more and more every day. Now Alejandra Guzmán’s father sued Infante. Therefore, the journalist released a video where Frida gives a single condition to publish the interview: “Do not cover anything, do not cut anything.” All this after Guzmán sued Infante and the latter attended the courts to deal with it.

In the video in question Gustavo Adolfo asks Frida: “How are you, Frida Sofía?” “I am very well, very happy and excited for you to see what is happening face to face and for you to close several cycles with me and thanks for the opportunity to you too dwarf”, he said the daughter of “The Queen of Rock” from Mexico. After present this video Gustavo Infante said: “To what is done chest.”

Journalist gave statements to his fellow journalists. “I did not commit any act of discrimination or incitement to hatred against him…. we will have to see the lawyer’s complaint, but yes is undermining freedom of expression and the press. When did I attack or defame him? At what point did I say if the man was a pedophile or a pedophile or a rapist or a drug addict. Those who have said it have been the people…. If you watch the interview, she spontaneously decided to say it as is and then Mr. Guzmán comes out and says that it doesn’t hurt to touch anyone and starts to cry. I believe that you have to defend yourself with dignity, not crying… ”, were part of Infante’s statements to the media.

In the program The fat and the skinny They said that the journalist assured that “Guzmán wants monetary compensation and that it would not be the first time he has tried to sue him.” “I don’t know if Mr. Guzman is armed and so on, but his first statement was that he was going to break my nose and that I should have looked for him to authorize me to publish the interview. In other words, since when do we have to ask permission to do our work? ”He added.

Finally he assured that “It is a lawsuit between him and his granddaughter and his daughter, not with the media.” We will have to wait for what ends this legal claim and what measures the journalist would be taking to defend himself against such accusation. Undoubtedly, the legal battle presented by this sad controversy is just beginning and it is presumed that there will be many visits to the courts by all those involved in it.

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