The relationship between Günter Bresnik and Dominic Thiem it is practically broken. Both of them have been exchanging constant statements where they criticize each other, and that is that the professional dismissal of the current number three in the world to his mentor a few years ago seems not to have done the Bresnik good any good. Now after many months of tension, it seems that Günter wants to calm the waters a bit and apologizes for his latest statements.

-His professional separation from Dominic Thiem is still in his head:

“Thiem and I formed a very good tandem and achieved great things, but he had a few bad months at the game and victory level and he made a decision. The story with Dominic hurts a lot. I have given many years of work to him and Losing both him and his father Wolfgang was very hard. His father was not only a colleague of mine in his preparation, but he was a friend of mine for a very long time. I have no doubt that if life gave me the opportunity to train I would take advantage of a player like Thiem without any doubts. Not accepting such a proposal would be very absurd, “he said in an interview with Kronen Zeitung.

-Deteriorated relationship over the months:

“I don’t understand what happened, but the bad relationship we have now doesn’t come because I want to be like this. I’ve never had a problem with Thiem and his parents. It seems like every time I give an interview and talk about him, they get upset about what I can say. Hopefully our relationship improves and we can even have a relationship based on respect. “

-He was wrong in his last words when he stated that without him, Thiem would be a player who would not miss playing ITF and Challengers tournaments:

“I have no problem saying that I was wrong and that I made some very stupid statements. With comments like that I do not improve anything. On the contrary, they make our relations even worse and we do not reach an agreement. I hope that Thiem manages to do great things in his sports career and show that he is called to be a great tennis player capable of winning important titles, “he concluded.