Gunman who wounded two people in Maryland store shot down at Fort Detrick military base

The alleged perpetrator of the shooting in a Maryland store was killed Tuesday at the Fort Detrick military base.

Photo: Mark Wilson / Getty Images

WASHINGTON – The perpetrator of a shooting was killed Tuesday at a military base in Maryland, after attacking a store in a nearby town, causing two injuries, reported the Police Department of the town of Frederick, 50 miles (about 80 kilometers) from Washington DC.

The 38-year-old attacker entered an establishment in the Riverside Tech Park area, in northeast Frederick, where he opened fire and hit two men who were injured, explained the chief of the Police of that town, Jason Lando, to journalists.

Following the shooting, the suspect drove to Fort detrick, about 10 minutes, where the personnel of that military base shot him dead.

The two injured are in serious condition and have been transferred to a hospital.

For the moment, the authorities do not know the motivation for the attack.

The Navy revealed on its Twitter account that the perpetrator of the shooting was a military doctor from the US Naval Force.

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