The Japanese company brought to life the creation of director Yuno Tomino; it is more than 20 meters high and weighs 25 tons

By: Francisco Trejo

Japan.- The Japanese company Gundam Factory Yokohama, erected a massive replica of the iconic Gundam series giant robot.

Despite the fact that the project has been in progress for more than a year, recently, images of the first tests of movement of the colossus became viral on social networks.

The huge animatronic has a total weight of 25 tons and is mounted on a platform similar to that seen in the television series released in 1979.

The project, which aims to generate tourism, is expected to be 100 percent complete by the end of October this year 2020.

The robot, whose hands are 2 meters long, will have the ability to walk on any terrain according to the information on its website.

At the moment, the robot has only been seen moving its legs and turning its torso.

It is not the first replica of this machine. Well in the center of Tokyo There is a statue of this automaton, which, although static, offers a light show at night as it is equipped with a series of lighting equipment.