Gianny García already has freedom, which is no small thing. Now he goes in search of glory. The boxer, who arrived in Miami a few months ago, was presented as one of the young prospects who will promote Cuban boxing in the United States as part of the Universal Sports company.

Pan-American youth medalist and with international experience, García is already training under Professor Eufrasio González and hopes to debut sometime in August along with his compatriots Orestes Velásquez and Isaac Carbonell, who train alongside him.

His goal is to conquer titles at 115 and 118 pounds as a preliminary step and then continue to grow in weight and talent to go as far as he can. In Cuba he never met Guillermo Rigondeaux, perhaps in the future he can not only shake hands, but become king of two categories as the Jackal did.

What have your first experiences been like in Miami?

« Very good. Thank God I have my managers and a good team to continue my career as a professional, which is what I have always wanted. I am focused on what I want. So everything is fine. ’‘

What division are you going to establish yourself in?

« I want to start at 118 pounds, but depending on how I feel, I also want to enter 115. I know that in both categories there are very good warriors and champions, but in the end everything is given by training. »

Did you know in Cuba of Rigondeaux, of what he did in 122 and now in 118?

« Of course, Rigondeaux is known in Cuba. He was mentioned, some of his fights were seen. When I arrived at the national ESPA, he had already escaped from the country and he did not have the pleasure of meeting him personally in Cuba, but he did know of his career. ‘‘

Why do you decide to come to the United States?

“In Cuba many things happen that disappoint you. Others, the technical direction of boxing, make decisions that are not correct. I went out to seek freedom, because this is a free country and I can express myself as I like. But I want to express myself, above all, through my boxing. ’‘

Is there anything you didn’t like about this beginning?

« No, I can’t complain. I have a good team, a great coach like Eufrasio González who helps me make the transformation, correcting things that I brought and that are not so important now. I have a company that supports me. Every thing is OK ».

Are you surprised by some of the training sessions between Cuba and here?

“Yes, here you train stronger. The preparation is constant, but everything is assimilating and I hope that when it is the debut, it is talking about August, people will see a warrior totally adapted to professional boxing.  »

How would you describe yourself in the ring?

“I am a boxer who likes to go forward, looking for the fight. I like to work in short and medium distances, although I can move well in all. I like to use hooks, uppercuts. My best defense is attack. When I’m up in the ring, I’m always going to give it my all. ’‘


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