There is news that falls like a slab, words held back for years that overflow at any given moment and generate a hurricane of reactions. When a man opens the way he has Guillermo Pérez-Roldán In an extensive interview with LaNacion, it is only hoped that this exercise of sincerity does not end up on deaf ears and serves to teach future generations a lesson and raise awareness about a serious problem that still exists in tennis: the excessive demand, the irrational involvement of some parents who, unintentionally or unknowingly, can destroy the lives of their children. The Argentine was champion of 9 ATP titles, all of them on clay, reaching the quarterfinals at Roland Garros 1988 and reaching 13th place in the ATP ranking.

Despite this, he doesn’t seem to be happy with a racket and there is a powerful reason to think that. And it is not the wrist injuries that forced him to undergo surgery up to three times, not even the media overexposure he had after being the youngest Argentine to win an ATP title, at just 17 and a half years old, in Munich. “My father was a visionary, a great coach, but unfortunately, I was his son. I wish I would have had a better father and a worse coach,” says a man who, since retiring, barely made public appearances, performing a work of trainer and coach in Italy and Chile.

“I have no contact with him, although while he is alive, I hope to see him again someday, after all he is my father. I wish someday he would hug me and stop seeing me as a source of money. The betrayal of a father a son is a horrible thing. I invited him to my wedding, he asked for forgiveness, but the next day he was already doing me misfortunes again, “says Guillermo at 50, before giving free rein to what was happening between him and his parent. “There were times when I lost a game, came to the room and punched me in the mouth. He also put my head in the toilet or hit me with a belt. And of course, he stole all the money he earned”, declared.

It is difficult to add something to such a confession. Raúl Pérez-Roldán, to that name responds the sweat of which the ex-player speaks, he formed a youth team that also included Franco Davin. The most serious thing about this is that Guillermo denounces that everyone related to Argentine tennis knew about the situation. “The thing was with me, but my sister was also treated the same. As soon as I started to win, she focused on me. He was an excellent coach, but a horrible coach. Winning a match for me was a relief,” said the champion. Roland Garros Junior 1986 and 1987, who made the decision to dispense with his father’s services at age 19.

“I couldn’t take it anymore. I sent him home because it was impossible for me to continue like this. I was competing without a coach for a long time, sometimes he took friends with me. There was a time when I was a junior, after winning three tournaments in a row, I lost in the first round and He beat me up with his belt, telling me that I had not moved well, “says a man whose nightmare did not end with kicking his father out of his environment. “At 24 he stole all the money, all the checks he had received from the ATP They were in a family account and if they signed my father and mother they could take it out. I finished my career and after three months I was poor, “reveals the Argentine shocked.

But the worst is yet to come. “In 1993, after Roland Garros (he lost to Medvedev in the first round) we went to Milan to watch a Zabaleta game. We stopped at a service station, I went in to buy some things and when they left there were two guys beating my father. I went To defend him, I punched him and ended up with a broken hand. I had several operations, but it never turned out well. It is anecdotal that my career was spoiled for defending my father, “he says. Guillermo Pérez-Roldán in statements that are generating a wave of reactions in Argentina and throughout the world of tennis.