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Lately I have been seeing that different parts of the City are opening small shops that sell fruits, vegetables and other groceries.

Each one is independent and is located on land or in small premises, which makes me remember when I lived in Mexico City in Colonia Del Valle and there were many individual businesses where each one sold bread, meat, fruits and vegetables or pharmacies and tlapalerías, hardware stores, stationery stores and a myriad of products, each independent.

Plaza Universidad and then Plaza Satélite emerged, both created by the same real estate company and that was when places began to exist where in one place you could find everything, from supermarkets to clothing stores. In these malls one of its great attractions is that there were many people.

Today the situation is different and what I see happening is that people prefer to go to small places so as not to be with so many people and avoid contagion of the covid.

If we analyze this behavior we will see or my point of view that it can bring many benefits to everyone.

If we consume in these small establishments we will be supporting trade and local economies that employ several people and consume inputs from the region and put multiple sectors of the Metropolitan Area to work. This seen from the side of the merchants or owners of said businesses

Now that if we see it from the end consumer side, each establishment is doing its best or doing its best to attract more customers.

They manufacture or machine with the greatest effort and in the end the consumer benefits greatly with products of a magnificent quality. What you buy comes with an excellent and unique presentation with a lot of design and great details, in fact, they even give you a bag.

The money that is generated stays in Monterrey and this causes more job and it keeps the economy moving.

In the case of large service chains, these are transnational and most of the profits go to their home countries and many of the products come from abroad.

In the real estate sense, it means that there will be demand for small commercial premises for these independent traders who seek to do business and generate income for them and therefore provide jobs.

Times are of great change and frequent adaptations and those who are attentive to the natural demands generated by consumers will survive.

See you until next time!

The author has more than 28 years of experience in the field of real estate in terms of communication, campaigns and launching of real estate projects. Since 1995 he has been a member of the National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE).

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