Guillermo Godinez: More districts in Monterrey

Guillermo Godínez PalmaGuillermo Godínez Palma Source: Courtesy

In recent days the municipality of Monterrey announced that it will create or be will regenerate three zones of the city to reactivate them or put them in order, since with the passage of time they have lagged behind and have very good locations, which is what has happened with the Monterrey Center.

Let’s start with what the district will be Monterrey – North and covers from Ruiz Cortines, Bernardo Reyes, Rodrigo Gómez and Alfonso Reyes. For them to be better located is where the Cydsa land is located, next to the Soriana Mitras. It is not only the lands of Cydsa there are other owners also in this future district.

In fact they are around 208 hectares that would be generated. The location is superb being in the very heart of the city.

And to think that many years ago, let’s say in the 40s or 50s, after Ruiz Cortines was an industrial zone and there was no housing growth and now, as I repeat, it is in the middle of everything.

The accesses are very good and this area has all the services and it is a mature place near residential areas such as Mitras, Vista Hermosa and Leones.

If we go a little further south there will be the Medical District – Gonzalitos where the authorities plan to carry out a urban Development around the University Hospital and the UANL medical faculties area. This project would be carried out in conjunction with our highest house of studies.

And finally the third district will be Bell – Altamira It includes 13 neighborhoods around the Cerro de la Campana where it is known that around 17 thousand people live. In this district one of the main tasks will be to begin to regularize the properties. In addition to the municipal authorities, Tec de Monterrey and Cemex participate in this project.

It is very good that with the concept of DISTRICTS Forgotten parts of the city are being regenerated and which have a great value mainly because of their location, the equipment of primary services and the great road capacity. These new districts like the ones that already exist allow and will allow people to have a new and better quality of life.

It would be good if with these new projects and after the blackouts that we experienced last week, the developments are well prepared for these types of contingencies that seem to be more recurrent, so it is heard as part of the changes that are experienced in this country.

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