In the framework of Comic-Con At Home 2020, the famous filmmaker from Jalisco spoke about the new way of making cinema once the pandemic ended. On the other hand, during the same panel of the great event, Guillermo del Toro He was asked about what project he would like to promote if he had the budget and support of a study assured … and the title Frankenstein featured in his reply.

This was the response of the Oscar winner (via):

«I would do between At the Mountains of Madness or Frankenstein, which I have always imagined as a two or three part story», Declared the winner of the Oscar. «Because, to cover the book, you must change the points of view. It is a complex exercise. ”

The fascination of the Guadalajara with the monster conceived by the author Mary Shelley is not something new. But before diving into the original novel, he first envisioned the 1931 film, Frankenstein, directed by James Whale.

« The moment I discovered the creature, I discovered my soulmate in it », was read in a quote awarded to Guillermo del Toro within the exhibition En Casa con mis Monstruos (2019).

And about the myth behind the monster, the filmmaker added:

«You have two men, with two different searches: Dr. Frankenstein, who by arrogance tries to accomplish the impossible, and the creature who seeks his own soul, his own sense of being, and who asks himself: why is he in the world ? Who created it and why? Why does it hurt so much to be alive? [Frankenstein es] a creature thrown into a world that neither knows nor understands; a misunderstood and lonely being who needs company and esteem, to be adopted by others and who suffers from being constantly rejected. »

Definitely, no one better than the director of Hellboy or The Shape of Water –arguments also starring a solitary and misunderstood entity– to guide Frankenstein’s return to the audiovisual field, whether as a film or miniseries.

On the other hand, a large number of fans would prefer that the Mexican get back to work with the postponed project of At the Mountains of Madness. Inspired by the homonymous novel by H.P. Lovecraft, it began to develop since 2006 but for various reasons (high budget, unfriendly story for young audiences) no studio has given it the green light.

Considering that del Toro is currently collaborating with Netflix for the upcoming animated adaptation Pinocchio, could it be that the king of streaming (in the future) finally makes In the mountains of madness a reality?

Comic-Con Frankenstein guillermo del toro

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