Guillermo del Toro and director Scott Cooper led one of the panels on the penultimate day of Comic-Con 2020. The duo of the producer and director respectively of Dark Spirits, spoke about the process behind this new horror film, some of its professional influences. and they explained the way in which the way of making cinema will change after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Mexican filmmaker, awarded as Best Director by the Academy for The Shape of Water, has two films – Pinocchio and Nightmare Alley – in development that have been paused after the ravages of the coronavirus pandemic. However, « the festival has to go on, » according to del Toro. Although, undoubtedly, the return involves a complex process to keep the team safe.

“We have gone through more calendars than ever. I am blessed to have great casts, but the difficulties of rescheduling the films are enormous, because each person is in demand, everyone goes everywhere and you have to work according to everyone’s schedule.

The director had to reschedule the start of filming for Nightmare Alley in the fall, while the premiere of Dark Spirits delayed its release for February 21, 2021. However, he is aware of the importance of caution in the face of this global pandemic.

“We are taking every little precaution into account. It is as if you were in a great operation in the operating room. They sterilize you, they are all in almost clinical condition, but at the same time you have to revive the carnival. With the extras and everything. Everything changes: the way you present yourself with the extras, the way you stack them, the way you hire them. They were regularly hired one per day, now it has to be for weeks. You need them exclusively because you don’t want them to go to a comedy in space and then return to the set and they must be quarantined. So basically you hire them for a period. There are hundreds of pages that we must follow as a precaution ».

On the other hand, filmmaker Scott Cooper and Del Toro explained that they prefer the use of a single camera to « achieve greater precision », they chose a boy (Jeremy T. Thomas) who had never been in front of a screen before to achieve a reaction more genuine versus the Dark Spirits monster and detailed the distinction between a monster and the God they created for this horror movie. Below you can find the full panel:

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