Guillem, the story behind Spain’s first visible trans councilor

Guillem Montoro (Photo: GUILLEM MONTORO)

Hey, Guillem, have you ever considered that you can be the first visible trans councilor in Spain? No, he hadn’t even thought about it himself. He was about to be appointed mayor in Paiporta (Valencia). It was the end of 2017. He and some of Compromís’s colleagues started looking for information. Only in one forum was it said that there had been another trans man in a Canarian city hall, who only had acronyms, because he did not want his family to know.

Thus, suddenly, Guillem Montoro realized the step he was taking. Historical. He had been featured on the list two years earlier, but was not elected. Azares de la vida, later some colleagues would resign and the mayor claimed him for a position of responsibility: he took over the Department of Transparency, Mobilization and Citizen Participation.

Remember that moment in a conversation with El HuffPost, on the occasion of Pride and with the recent news that the Council of Ministers has approved the draft trans law this week. It is time to look back, to the present and to the future. In general, he says he has had a “very normalized” life. “Each person has their process,” he says. “In childhood I identified equally with the boys and they obviously did not see me as the same. The girls did not perceive me as the same either, my way of being did not conform to the expected femininity ”, she says.

Guillem Montoro (Photo: GUILLEM MONTORO)Guillem Montoro (Photo: GUILLEM MONTORO)

Guillem Montoro (Photo: GUILLEM MONTORO)

“For a period of time I was bullied at school. Partly because of that, and because he’s the chubbiest and the one with glasses. It was cannon fodder, ”he recalls.

Montoro continues the thread: “I arrive at the institute and I begin to realize that I like girls, I embrace the lesbian label.” “But when time goes by I start to …

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