Difficulties in quarantining, soccer match in Puerto Marqués. Majority in extreme poverty. Hospital saturation similar to CDMX

Warrior on high alert for coronavirus

Regeneration, May 23, 2020. Mayor Adela Román Ocampo stated that in Acapulco there is a dramatic situation due to the coronavirus. She indicated that there are reluctance to quarantine, a difficult economic situation and operational needs.

«We are on high alert for COVID-19, the panorama of Guerrero is 1,083 confirmed cases, the pandemic is not over yet, please # TomaloEnSerioYA », published the governor on Twitter:

What the Mayor says

Román pointed out that before mobility Replication of the measures taken in Medellín, Colombia, where banks provide services by last name, is being analyzed in markets.

He said that in Acapulco it is difficult because there is more than a million inhabitants and many people “rebel against authority.”

In the note of East South, it was exemplified that there were those who promoted amparos against Hoy no circula and that yesterday there was a basketball tournament in Puerto Marqués.


He indicated that in the morning at the Construction for Peace Table the concern about the situation was discussed.

He stated that Acapulco has “Extreme poverty, the economy is stopped, the situation is dramatic and the budget is meager to meet the needs of the population”the portal pointed out.

Of the closing announcements that were placed in the restaurant-bars, Román Ocampo responded “They are canteens that promote vice and it is not a priority to get drunk but to eat and health”, said.

Guerrero in figures

Covid-19 bed occupancy rose from 63 to 71 percent, similar to 72 percent in Mexico City, Ramón Gracida Gómez published, from the scene.

In his note, the Guerrero journalist highlights that the figures are the highest in the country, according to federal Health.

Municipalities with at least one contagion go from 43 to 44 and the Municipalities of La Esperanza remain at 11

Thus the positive cases of Covid-19 in Guerrero increased from 984 on Thursday to 1,220 on Friday.

That is, indicates Gracida, 36 more, and deaths went from 152 to 161, nine more, according to data from the federal Ministry of Health.

In Acapulco, 50 deaths

The port remains first in the state, rising from 44 to 50 deaths, followed by Iguala, which rises from 34 to 35.

On the other hand, Chilpancingo that goes from 17 to 18, Taxco with 16, Xochihuehuetlán and Tlapa with five, Chilapa with four, and Huamuxtitlán, Coyuca de Benítez and Tepecoacuilco with three.

High alert contagion

It is indicated that the state secretary of Health, Carlos de la Peña Pintos reported that in Guerrero there were 1,100 positive cases of Covid-19 and 152 deaths at midday this Friday.

He warned that the The degree of contagion is high, since in only 16 days 628 cases have been registered compared to the first 52 days, where 388 occurred.

– “(…) this is something very important and with an increase of 61.8 percent with respect to the previous figure. This is very significant. “

Governor’s Message

At noon, Governor Héctor Astudillo Flores, reported that there are 838 suspected cases, 335 active, 529 recovered, 1,350 negative and 3,204 studies conducted.

Guerrero ranks 24th for active cases with an incidence of 9.3 and 18 by number of positive cases.

In his reflection, the Governor pointed out that It is necessary to stop mobility because there are many infections, said the journalist.