Guerrero hitman related to 27 violent incidents in the Cuernavaca metropolitan area falls

Temixco, Mor.-Morelos government authorities confirmed the capture and connection to the process of a subject named Yoni “N” who is related to at least 27 investigation folders of intentional homicides and violent acts in the municipalities of the metropolitan area of Cuernavaca, among which the attack on a bar with the company name “Chelodromo” stands out, in which six people lost their lives and whose active participation was verified through video recordings.

“Today we announce another relevant arrest in the fight against violence in the state of Morelos and that allows important progress in the investigations carried out into various violent events in the metropolitan area,” they reported.

“The State Attorney General’s Office obtained a double connection to the process against a man identified as Yoni” N “for the crimes of qualified homicide and threats, this man is persecuted for a total of 27 investigation folders,” detailed the Secretary of Government, Pablo Ojeda Cárdenas.

During the report of the Coordination Table for La Paz in Morelos, state authorities explained that the weapon that was secured to this 37-year-old character from Guerrero, is a Glock .9 mm caliber brand and is involved in several murders, the which were revealed chronologically in the conference held at the facilities of the Coordination, Command, Control and Communications Center (C5).

Based on expert examinations carried out by FGE personnel, the weapon secured to Yoni “N” is linked to various murders, among which the most notable is that of a couple on January 19 in the El Guante neighborhood, in the municipality of Emiliano Zapata, the site where he also committed several homicides.

He was also related to the shooting attacks in a men’s bar in Jiutepec, on September 10, 2019, and to other events in this area both last year and in 2020; but in addition to the crimes, there have also been registered attacks with said firearm on the facades of the homes of alleged opposing gangs.

Similarly, it was considered that Yoni “N” also participated in murders in Tepoztlán, Yautepec, Cuernavaca in the area of ​​the Tulipanes neighborhood and in Temixco. Even in the discovery of bagged bodies on February 21, 2019 in the state capital with a message addressed to a rival group.

However, Pablo Ojeda clarified that Yoni “N” did not act alone, as derived from fingerprint studies, there is evidence from other participants in the violent acts attributed to him, but it was not specified to which criminal cell they belong, with the eagerness not to affect due process.

“At the moment, the investigations related to the aforementioned folders continue and the elements of evidence that allow the identification, location and apprehension of the people who participated in said actions in which several people lost their lives continue to be provided,” Ojeda Cárdenas added.

Likewise, it was revealed that Yoni “N” was captured when one of his victims requested help from the Morelos Police, while he was being pursued by said subject in the Tabachines area of ​​Cuernavaca, since he demanded that he stop the vehicle from the one who was on board and, if not, it would deprive him of life.

Then, the elements of the Coordinated Command caught up with him and when he was detained on November 1, he was assured of the aforementioned weapon, three stocked magazines and 43 useful cartridges, the pistol was carried around his waist.

Regarding the internment process, in the Social Reintegration Center (Cereso) of Atlacholoaya, in the municipality of Xochitepec, the coordinator of the area, Francisco Borquez mentioned that Yoni “N” is in the income area, then he will go to the area of classification and observation where all kinds of tests will be made, psychometric, sociological, psychological, criminological and even socioeconomic, to see the level of crime you may have.

Therefore, he ruled out that he may be a highly dangerous inmate, who may cause disputes within this compound, as has happened previously.

“The treatment in all Social Reintegration Centers is the same, if we have an alert upon admission or any antecedent that has been touched on the security table, the pertinent measures will be taken for the personnel who work there,” he concluded.

They capture the perpetrators of the murder of the former security secretary of Cuernavaca.

In this context, it was added that the Special Prosecutor’s Office in the Fight against Kidnapping and Extortion provided sufficient evidence to secure the connection to the process of the alleged perpetrators of the murder of the former Secretary of Public Security of Cuernavaca, Juan David Juárez López, completed in December of the year In the past, who were arrested in an operation in the Zodiaco neighborhood of the capital of Morelos when they had kidnapped a person.

They are the 36-year-old brothers Emanuel “N” and 32-year-old Rafael Quintín “N”, who on November 5 were assured of weapons and drugs in said search, but they would also be related to the murder of a gunned-down actuary in November 2019 who was mistaken for the former secretary of security of the capital.

The relationship with said homicide was determined by the .9 mm caliber weapon that Rafael Quintín “N” was assured, but it was until the bonding hearing that the results of the investigations were revealed.

The state official, Pablo Ojeda Cárdenas explained that the detainees are material authors; however, they would be those who would help find the intellectual actor (s) of said murder and who belong to a criminal organization.

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