Neighbors from the border city of Tecún Umán fear the spread of the coronavirus among their compatriots from Mexico and deported from the United States.

Residents of the city of Tecún Umán, in the border area with Mexico, closed this Thursday the passage through the Rodolfo Robles International Bridge in order to prevent the passage of people between Guatemala and the neighboring country to prevent the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus.

Fears of new imported cases of coronaviruses increased among residents of the region, either among compatriots from Mexico and the United States or between migrants deported from North America, detailed the local newspaper Prensa Libre.

The Guatemalans hung banners on the bars of the customs-use bridge where legends such as “We demand that the Rodolfo bridge be closed.” We do not want to expose our children to being infected ”, among other protest messages.

The bridge has become an important step for deported migrants and compatriots during the health emergency, since the La Aurora International Airport remains closed, which has raised fear among the population, mainly because the passage of buses with deported people continues.

Fear of new infections among the Guatemalan population increased on Thursday morning, when President Alejandro Giammattei told the media that the possibility of new cases of Covid-19 imported from Mexico it is high due to discrepancies in preventive measures.

Eight new cases of coronaviruses in the country were confirmed this Thursday, bringing the number of infected people to 95, while the number of suspected cases has reached 300 patients under observation. (Ntx)