Guatemalan Deborah Domínguez falls in the final of the Galileo Cup

Deborah Domíguez played in the final of the Galileo Cup against the American Olivia Lincer. (Free Press Photo: Esbin García).

Domínguez could not before the offensive power of Lincer and lost the game for the title with partials of 6/3, 6/2, being for the American the first title in her career. She also celebrated the ‘Jade mask’ trophy in doubles, where she teamed up with fellow American Ashton Bowers.

The national athlete had signed the ticket to the final, after beating the American Victoria Osuigwe 6-4 6-4 on Friday in a time of 1 hour 48 minutes. Dominguez had the backing of technical director Sergio Gonzalez and coach Anthony Vásquez this Saturday, but succumbed to the good level of the rival and finished as runner-up.

On the one hand, Peru, which took the honors both in the men’s branch in both competitions: Singles and Doubles. In the first, Christopher Li, originally from Lima, was crowned champion in a match that becomes a tournament record with 3 hours 32 minutes, defeating New Yorker Sebastian Sec with a score of 7-5,4-6,7-6 (10).

Olivia Lincer, from the United States, was crowned this Saturday in the Galileo Cup. (Free Press Photo: Tennis Federation).

In the second, Ignacio Buse, also from Lima, did the same with his doubles partner, Colombian Nicolás Niño, taking the highest honors in that modality.

Deborah will manage to climb in her ranking more than 100 positions, which will allow her to participate in tournaments of higher degrees in her career.

On this occasion, the Galileo University Cup had the participation of representatives from 23 different countries from 4 continents, being an excellent setting for all those players who visited this country, taking with them a memory of a great organization and with the promise of returning in the month of June when the second of the Youth World Cups, the famous Mayan World Cup, takes place.