Guarnizo beat Bezana 0-1 at the Municipal de Santa Cruz de Bezana

05/16/2021 at 7:41 PM CEST

The Guarnizo played and won 0-1 as a visitor the duel last Sunday in the Municipal of Santa Cruz de Bezana. The Bezana He faced the game with the intention of adding more points to his locker after drawing 1-1 in the last game held against the Barreda Football. Regarding the visiting team, the Guarnizo came from beating 3-0 at home at Barquereño in the last game held. With this score, the Bezaniego team is sixth at the end of the match, while the Guarnizo is second.

During the first period there were no goals by any of the players of each team, so the result remained 0-0 during the first 45 minutes.

In the second half, the goal came for the Guarnican team, who released their score thanks to a goal from Saza near the conclusion, in 88, ending the match with a 0-1 result in the light.

The coach of the Bezana gave entrance to Santiago, Bruno Y Toto for Fernandez, Fernandez Y Francisco, Meanwhile he Guarnizo gave the green light to Russian, Perez, Somaza Y Pellon, which came to replace Ruiz, Alvaro, Edu fontan Y Mauri.

The referee showed a total of four cards: one yellow to the Bezana (Fernandez) and two to Guarnizo (Javier Y Perez). In addition, there was a red card, specifically to Christian by the local team.

With this result, the Bezana remains with 23 points and the Guarnizo it goes up to 35 points.

The next round of the Second Phase of the Third Division will face the Bezana at home against Torina, Meanwhile he Guarnizo will face in his fief in front of the Revilla.

Data sheetBezana:Silvestre, Sergio Conde, Diez, Marcos, Saez, Christian, Bustillo, Jairo, Fernández (Santiago, min.65), Francisco (Toto, min.73) and Fernández (Santiago, min.65)Guarnizo:Via, Mario Ceballos, Leguina, Marcos, Saza, Mauri (Pellon, min.73), Álvaro (Pérez, min.65), Ruiz (Russian, min.65), Muñoz, Edu Fontan (Somaza, min.65) and SarabiaStadium:Municipal of Santa Cruz de BezanaGoals:Saza (0-1, min. 88)

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