Guard continues in the Zócalo after visit by Kamala Harris

MEXICO CITY.- One day after the visit of the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, the Zócalo of Mexico City continues to protect the metal fences.

Security is perimeter around the streets that converge to the Plaza de la Constitución circuit, vehicular access is restricted, on the street of November 20 only authorized vehicles of capital government officials enter, at the corner of Pino Suárez and Venustiano Carranza is the other security fence where only officials of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation and the National Palace are allowed to enter.

Pedestrians can now enter the Zócalo plate without problems compared to yesterday when there was no access.

Security was relaxed, although the guard may continue until the results are given in the time frame of the elections on June 6, this to avoid any demonstration towards the first square of Mexico City.

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