GTA V returns to Xbox Game Pass, for console and xCloud

The frequency of updating the Xbox Game Pass catalog is, without a doubt, one of its greatest virtues, and that is that approximately every two weeks (there are two updates a month) the Redmond people add new titles to their subscription service, thus achieving that its catalog is not only more complete, but also much more varied. April has just started, and we already have the first of two updates this month, with several titles arriving in a few days.

Of the eight titles included in it, without a doubt the most notable is Grand theft auto v, the last title so far in the popular Rockstar saga, and that despite the fact that this 2021 is now eight years old, it continues to have great traction, largely thanks to its online mode. Of course, users of Xbox Game Pass for Windows will not be able to enjoy it, since, at least for the moment, it is only available for Xbox and for xCloud, Microsoft’s cloud gaming platform.

This can be understood, however, if we remember that a few months ago Epic Games gave away the PC version of GTA V, so it is clear that there are few people who do not have it, and it is possible that Rockstar and Epic came to an agreement in which any of its conditions does not allow or complicate its presence in the Xbox Game Pass catalog. Be that as it may, and after a sporadic passage through the service a few months ago, it has already joined the list again.

Another very striking title is Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure, a platform that will be added to the xCloud catalog and that offers you to take control of the characters from The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Up, Cars, Toy Story and Finding Dory. And without moving away from Disney, we also find Disneyland Adventures, where you share your adventures with classic Disney characters: Peter Pan, Mickey, Snow White, and so on.

For sports lovers, there are two most interesting titles in this update of the Xbox Game Pass catalog: NHL 21, which will arrive for console on April 12 and MBL The Show 21 for baseball fans and coming to console and xCloud. Interestingly, one of the elements that Microsoft highlights with respect to this title is that it will be possible to play it online with people on PS4 and PS5.

Complete the list of new Xbox Game Pass titles Zombie Army 4: Dead War for all three platforms (PC, console and xCloud), Rain on your parade also for three and Pathway, which will hit the PC catalog.

Keep in mind that, except for surprise, a second announcement can be expected in the middle of the month, with new titles that will be added to the Xbox Game Pass catalog, either for PC, for console or for its online gaming platform that, like We tell you according to the latest update until today, it aims to be close to announcing its long-awaited browser version, with which it will be possible to enjoy the service on both PCs and Apple devices.